Septic tank conversion

septic tank conversion

The Allerton ConSept

The Allerton ConSept is the ideal solution for your septic tank conversion. The Allerton ConSept will convert your existing septic tank or cesspool into a fully functional sewage treatment system producing a final effluent that can be discharged into a watercourse or soakaway.¹

Why use the Allerton ConSept for
your septic tank conversion?

  • The Allerton ConSept utilises your existing septic tank so there's no need to install a heavy plant or new tank. Plus, it's quick to install which saves you time, money and disruption.
  • Installation within your existing septic tank means the Allerton ConSept cannot be seen or heard. However, the air blower remains outside the septic tank for easy maintenance.
  • Manufactured using high grade composite materials and non ferrous components means the Allerton ConSept does not corrode. This results in a long and trouble free life.
  • Servicing once a year, desludging and emptying once every two years, Installation, septic tank conversion unit servicing and septic tank conversion unit maintenance available.

How our septic tank conversion works

See illustration to the right.² The raw sewage passes along the incoming sewer pipe (6) and enters the existing septic tank (7). This is the aeration zone, air is supplied from the blower (2) along the air inlet pipe (3) and causes agitation in this area helping to break up the solids in the raw sewage.

The Allerton ConSept is an aerobic treatment system and the bubbling air encourages the growth of aerobic bacteria. The area within the Allerton ConSept is the settlement zone. This quiet area allows fine solids to settle before the final treated effluent is discharged via the sample chamber (4) to the ditch or soakaway.

¹Discharge to watercourse or soakaway is subject to consent from the relevant authorities. ² Septic tank conversion illustration is not drawn to scale.

septic tank conversion illustration
  1. 240V Supply
  2. Air Blower in Kiosk
  3. Air Inlet Pipe
  4. Sample Chamber
  5. Final Effluent Discharge Pipe
  6. Incoming Sewer Pipe
  7. Existing Septic Tank

Alternative sewage treatment systems

Download our Allerton ConSept septic tank conversion spec

Septic tank conversion installations


septic tank conversion diagrams
septic tank conversion diagram
septic tank conversion diagrams
septic tank conversion diagrams
septic tank conversion diagram
septic tank conversion diagrams
septic tank conversion annotation
  1. 240V Supply
  2. Blower
  3. Sewer
  4. Sample Chamber
  5. Plug
  6. To soakaway or ditch
septic tank conversion annotation

Allerton reserves the right to alter the Allerton ConSept specifications and dimensions without notice.